Logic One

Logic one – Me , Zip!

By Richard Parish

In the grip of mental emergence,

Convergence of special massRequim,

inspired ‘Ah Heck, We’um….”

Strumming, Drumming,

Anti Numbing

Or the Plumbing of a

Bush of nerve-fiber,

of “ Zieg-heil-ism”,

So called Patriotism.

Not for God?

Who Knew the Blue Shoes

Would own the news,

They think the world only exists,

In the shine of their boots.

Logic Two-Me Zip!

Running for the sun

Love in the Run,

The eyes in the run,

The Song Songs

Long longings

Of my Creature-hood


My Hood-Hood

Sans ChildHood,

Or so seems now,

Logic three, Me Zip!

Who to trust in the rust of memories,

Lingered beleagured, lingerines left off as a child.

The wheels maintain strainings

Of dreamt up gainings

Un realism, whrenched out bolts of rope

In the dope, golgatha, the yoga Hatha

Rumi knew and Knows

Logic Four, Me Zip!

Talk to me pleading,

I who hope in hopes hopelessness

Blind groping-ness

Of hurled worlds, inside the time-tried wrongs

Never a song wrong,

Wronged wrongings from the bongings or iron Bells.


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